Lisa Butler is not an average ‘cookie cutter’-style Life, Career and Motivational Coach. Forget the “Ra! Ra! Ra!”. Focusing your attention on positive, harmonious and Self-loving steps toward reaching your goals, Lisa will guide you in a gentle yet professional way to help you achieve everything you want in life.

A Certified Professional Coach (CPC), and with a Diploma of Counselling and Mental Health First Aid accreditation, Lisa is an authentic, down to earth and inspirational individual who uses a firm but kind and supportive approach to help her clients establish and achieve their goals.  In fact, Lisa has successfully coached and mentored both renowned and up-and-coming musicians, songwriters and performing artists through individual coaching sessions and national workshops.

Lisa has now expanded her professional service range to incorporate personal and professional development, mentoring, goal setting, and holistic healing support to the wider community.

In Lisa’s own words: –

                “I am kind but firm, and I approach each client with unconditional love, and a deep sense of appreciation for who you really are.  When you book in for a consultation with me you can be assured that I will be non-judgemental and empathic. Why? Because I believe that as we are all one, caring about you means I care about me too.  And that’s how it should be”.


DIVA Radio – 4 May 2016
Lisa talks with Anna Geller about her book, never giving up, believing in yourself and reaching for your dreams and goals.


Female Entrepreneur Musician – 29 April 2016
Lisa is interviewed by Bree Noble about songwriting, coaching and having a career in the music industry.


CUSB front cover


Did you know that Lisa is also a published author and poet?  Her poems graced the cards and book anthologies of Colorado-based, international publisher, Blue Mountain Arts, for a number of years. Now, branching out on her own to self-publish, Lisa’s first book, “The Constitution of the United States of Being: The art of self-love, fulfilling your dreams and finding joy – no matter what”  is  available now on Amazon and selected book stores. Click here for details.


“Believe in yourself & the power of your creativity,

for you already have everything you need

to make your dreams a reality.”

-Lisa J. Butler