DIY Book Publishing

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars self-publishing your book.  After all, wouldn’t you rather spend that money on valuable promotion and marketing?

DIY Book Publishing – Private Consultations

I am, among other things, a self-published author whose book, The Constitution of the United States of Being, was designed, published and made available as a paperback and eBook for UNDER $700 (and I didn’t have any money to start with either!).  How did I do it?

“Would-be self-published authors think they have to use expensive ‘self-publishing companies’ simply because they are led to believe they can’t work out the processes themselves.  I was one of them, BUT I’m here to dispel that myth.  I’m not a technology guru; in fact, I’m completely self-taught when it comes to computers, computer programs and internet use, so believe me when I say…  YOU CAN DO THIS!”     – Lisa J. Butler

Based on my popular group seminar, in this two hour private consultation I will share my self-publishing experience, the lessons I learned, processes discovered and resources that helped me do it.

“Lisa just about covered everything I needed to know in terms of self-publishing. She has a very comprehensive presentation that will leave few unanswered questions. I highly recommend it to any first time author considering what to do with their manuscript now that the easy part of writing the book itself is complete. This is a must.” – Ric B.

The cost of this two-hour consultation is $120 (AUD) and includes resource hand-outs, ample opportunity to have your questions answered and a copy of my inspirational self-help book, ‘The Constitution of the United States of Being’.

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