Music Career Coaching

Artist Coaching

With a background in song writing, music event organising, talent judging, song critiquing and artist coaching/mentoring, I am a passionate advocate and experienced service provider to Australian artists and songwriters.  Founder/Coordinator of the well-known Australian Songwriters Conference, I have built a solid reputation within the Music Industry community. I have developed and nurtured a wide business network of hit, and award-winning songwriters, producers and publishers, as well as other professionals and executives at every level of the Music industry.

My years of experience, both as a songwriter and working within the Music Industry have given me considerable knowledge, insight and understanding of the song writing tools and industry standard for commercial songs, and the professional protocols and processes that are essential to understand and use when dealing with any aspect of the Industry.

The Music industry is a business and songwriters must approach it (and the executives who run it) with a business attitude if they are to reach their goal of a professional career, either as an artist/writer or a non-performing songwriter who writes for other artists.

I feel both delighted and privileged to offer my experience and knowledge to the clients who come to me for individual in-depth assistance with their song writing and their careers.

 Song Writing Advice:

  • Song Critiquing and Assistance. Advice on structure, rhythm, melody and lyric advice BEFORE you record!
  • Writing for yourself  -V-  writing for someone else.  What’s the difference?
  • Defining and perfecting your musical style.
  • Finding the right producer for your demo and album recordings.

Career Advice:

  • Goals & Direction.  Where are you now?  Where do you want to be?  How do you get there?
  • Being Professional – What does that mean in the Music Industry?
  • Defining and perfecting your overall image.
  • Promotion.  Getting yourself and your work ‘Out There’ and heard.
  • Contacting the appropriate industry professionals for you and your work.
  • Approaching and networking with Industry Executives and Professionals.
  • Industry Resources that can help.

Here is what some of my clients have said about the service I’ve provided to them:

I believe your help is wonderful, encouraging, an eye opener and not only are you positive with your advice but also a friend who has an engaging personality and a passion for music.” .      Trish Farnon

“Did we find your advice helpful…….Yes we did, whilst we haven’t been participants in your organisation, you were considerate enough to give us straight forward and (concise) direction as to the structure of songs for commercial Radio. This information confirmed to us that we were 90 percent going in the correct direction as far as songwriting goes, I can see the benefits for people starting out with songwriting ability… it would shorten the road to success as compared to the road some of us have traveled without the advantage of people like yourself.”                                           – Kim Gritten

“Yes, I found the time with you very valuable – helped me to understand more of commercial writing perhaps. Thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate it.”                                      Kate Landsberry

The cost of Music Career Coaching is $35 per one-hour session, however the more sessions you book and pay for in advance, the less it costs.

1 session = $35        

3 sessions = $90        ($30 per session)

6 sessions = $150       ($25 per session)

I accept payment by credit card (Mastercard, Visa & American Express), Paypal and direct deposit.  To book, please email me at or phone 0412 149 094.