Self-Publishing on a (Very Tight!) Budget


You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars self-publishing your book.Lisa J Butler_author_smallest

Lisa J Butler is, among other things, a self-published author whose book, ‘The Constitution of the United States of Being’, was designed, published and made available as a paperback and eBook for UNDER $700 (and she didn’t have any money to start with either!).  How did she do it?

In a two hour seminar, Lisa speaks about her self-publishing experience and shares the lessons she learned, processes discovered and resources that helped her do it. The session includes Q&A time plus information sheets and resource hand-outs.

“Would-be self-published authors think they have to use expensive ‘self-publishing companies’ simply because they are led to believe they can’t work out the processes themselves.  I was one of them, BUT I’m here to dispel that myth.  I’m not a technology guru; in fact, I’m completely self-taught when it comes to computers, computer programs and internet use, so believe me when I say… YOU CAN DO THIS!– Lisa J. Butler

Participant Comments:

“I attended Lisa J. Butler’s seminar on self-publishing at low cost and found it well-organised and interesting. I have a long and fairly deep experience with the publishing world but know almost nothing about e-books so that I went along specifically for that segment. I wasn’t disappointed. Lisa is experienced and well-organised. Her teaching style is informal but clear and she has the gift of simplifying details that might otherwise go over people’s heads. Even in areas where I am knowledgeable I found interesting items of information to add to my experience and I felt the combination of informal discussion and organised facts were highly appropriate for the group who attended. There were well-written handouts which will be useful for Lisa’s clients when they come to practical application of the information she imparted so well. I recommend Lisa’s seminars unreservedly.”    – Katherine C.

“So kindly presented in a simple and clear way. Very comprehensive. All my questions were answered, and I was very grateful for the information provided. Thank you.”   – Roxanne W.

“The small group was intimate and personal and I found I learned a lot. Many thanks Lisa.”    – Anne N.

“Very informative with very useful tips.”   – Trish G.

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